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Why do Chefs wear Chef whites?

In the world of hospitality, chef whites are a proud tradition. Their use remains widely spread nowadays and is a hallmark of quality. When you find a chef wearing whites, it indicates professionalism in the kitchen. What's more, you will notice that they command respect. Read on for a short explanation of how chef whites came to be and a few reasons why chefs wear whites.

Origins of Chef Whites

Mary-Antoine Careme was a legendary French chef who is thought to be the creator of the chef's iconic uniform. He first designed it in the 19th century. There were a few reasons behind his decision including the fact that whites helped signify cleanliness and also set the chef apart from the other kitchen staff.

Furthermore, because accidents can happen in the kitchen, Careme chose white because it would be easy to see when there had been a spillage. This would help reduce health hazards, including cross-contamination. In addition, it's easy to bleach whites to remove any stains, meaning the clothes would last longer.

Completing the Look

The iconic chef uniform includes chef jackets, chef trousers, aprons, and a toque (hat). However, in this day and age, chef wear is not limited to whites. In fact, at Pegasus Group you can find an array of Pegasus chefwear in various colours. Check out our range of Pegasus jackets, including single and double-breasted, short or long-sleeved. Create a unique look and style for your chef when you team the jacket with an item from our range of Pegasus trousers and Pegasus aprons.

The Bottom Line

Having a unique look can really make your venue stand out from the crowd. Here at Pegasus UK, we make it easy for you as we stock a wide range of Pegasus textiles to suit your every need. Search our array of table cloths, napkins, aprons, and more for some fantastic deals today.


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