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We're Thrilled to Announce: Yard Force Comes to Pegasus!

We're Thrilled to Announce: Yard Force Comes to Pegasus!

The Pegasus Group family has been a bastion of quality and functionality, continually striving to offer the best products to our esteemed customers. Today, we take another monumental step in that journey. In our commitment to 'Design, Source, Deliver,' we proudly extend our garden care range by partnering with Yard Force!

Yard Force is a renowned name in the world of garden care, synonymous with innovation and quality. Their extraordinary product lineup is a testament to their dedication to making gardening an absolute breeze for green thumbs everywhere. At, we offer a wide array of Yard Force products, bringing their powerful, eco-friendly solutions into your hands!

Here's What This Means for Our Pegasus Customers:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Yard Force merges the latest technological advances with user-friendly design, ensuring you have the best tools in hand to tend to your garden.

  • Eco-Smart Choices: With a shared vision for sustainability, our new cordless and solar-powered products from Yard Force provide environmentally friendly options that reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing power or efficiency.

  • Exceptional Performance: Whether you're an amateur gardener or a professional landscaper, Yard Force products are engineered to deliver exceptional results, making every task from mowing to pruning much simpler and more enjoyable.

From robust solar power solutions to game-changing cordless garden tools, Yard Force's commitment to green technology perfectly aligns with our Pegasus Homewares's dedication to sustainability. And just like all the products you've come to love and trust from Pegasus— from luxurious Pegasus Textiles to the pinnacle of chefwear and reliable cleaning supplies— you can expect the same high standards from our newly added Yard Force offerings.

Prepare to transform your garden with the ease and efficiency of Yard Force. We look forward to helping you find the perfect Yard Force product to complement your garden. Get ready to explore, conquer, and reign supreme over your outdoor space!

We Can't Wait to Get Started!

Ready to dig in? Visit our Yardforce Garden Care and Yardforce Solar Power section now, and embrace the synergy of Pegasus and Yard Force – where elegance meets efficiency.

As we diversify our offerings, remember, Pegasus isn't just where you shop; it's an experience that we enrich every day, aiming to exceed your expectations. For any questions about our new Yard Force products or any of our other offerings, reach out to us. Our expert team is eager to support you.

Here's to new growth, happy gardening, and eco-savvy solutions with Yard Force at Pegasus!

Explore Yard Force at Pegasus and Make Your Garden a Masterpiece.


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