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UK Hotel Occupancy Rates Rise as Nation Emerges from Pandemic - Pegasus Group UK

UK Hotel Occupancy Rates Rise as Nation Emerges from Pandemic

As the world continues to emerge from the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic, UK hotel occupancy rates are on the rise as Britons flock to escape from the stresses of the past two years and take a much-needed summer break. Hotel occupancy levels in spring 2022 were almost on par with pre-pandemic levels, and while the statistics for Q2 are not out yet, reports indicate that the summer is all set up to be even busier. 

These high levels of demand mean that laundry services are under increasing pressure to fulfil the textile needs of the hotel industry. As a leading supplier of hospitality textiles, Pegasus Group enjoys a strategic partnership with some of the UK’s largest laundry companies including Johnsons Group and Fishers Services. As demand continues to rise, our distribution hubs are working tirelessly to fulfil orders and meet the requirements of our valued partners throughout the summer holiday season. Our recently acquired new 65,000-square foot warehouse facilities have increased our storage capacity threefold, enabling us to handle larger volumes than ever and keep our clients’ orders moving swiftly and smoothly.

One of the great joys of staying in a hotel is being able to enjoy the crisp, clean feeling of freshly laundered bed sheets. Pegasus understands the importance of providing our partners with top-quality bedding that fulfils their customers’ high expectations. That’s why all of our bed linen is designed and manufactured by ourselves to market-leading standards. We use only the highest-quality materials, ensuring our bed linen ranges offer a luxurious softness worthy of the best hotels.

Our three different ranges provide a ‘good-better-best’ selection of options to suit different budgets. Our Siena T130 line includes a matching sheet, duvet and pillowcase set woven from cotton-rich 130TC fabric, while our Venezia T200 and Torino T400 lines feature matching sheets and duvets crafted from pure, crisp white cotton.


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