Care Instructions

It is essential to read carefully the care instructions shown on the garment label.

These care recommendations have been chosen to give the best results in cleaning, drying and ironing. It is important that they are followed to maintain the good appearance and wear life of the garment.

l         Always wash dark and bright colours before wearing to prevent possible colour rubbing onto lighter garments or skin.

l         Wash dark or bright colours separately to avoid staining of light colours in the wash.

l         For best results do not mix fabrics with different fibre content in the same washload.

l         Wash garments frequently to prevent heavy soiling.

l         If tumble drying is recommended, you should select temperature/cycle duration setting from the wash temperature given on the label, e.g. if washing at 40C then tumble dry at warm, if washing at 50C+ then tumble dry at hot. Never overdry, to prevent shrinkage of fabric or garment.

l         100% cotton garments benefit from being pressed whilst still slightly damp.

l         Reshape knitted garments whilst damp.