Product Personalisation

In-house Embroidery Service


How it works?

1. Have you ordered embroidery with us before?


You will need to set up (digitalize) the embroidery logo or text with us first. There’s a one-off charge of £15 for each new logo or new texts. For example, if you want to order two jackets, and do a restaurant logo on left breast and a name on the right breast on each jacket.

Steps to follow:

1. Order Garments.

2. Order 2 x Embroidery Setup Charge (2 x £15). Logo and texts are set up differently.

3. Order 2x Embroidery Your Logo (2 x £2) and 2 x Embroider Your Text (2 x £2).


Yes. Then we have kept your embroidery logo on file. You can order the correct number of embroidery and garments needed without paying any set-up fees again.

Order Garments + Order No. of Logos/Texts required for embroidery, then sorted.



How to order?

If an item can be embroidered there will be a dropdown bar reads 'Embroider this item' on the product page.

Simply choose ’Yes (go to Personalise after adding to cart)’.

Then go to Personalise page, and follow the instructions there.

For every new embroidery, there’s one off charge of £15 to set up (i.e. digitalize) your logo. It can then be used as and when you need to order garments. We will keep on file the digitalized logo for you, so in the future, when you make top-up orders for the same embroidery, we won’t charge you any set-up fee again.

For top-up orders, you can choose to either ‘Embroider your logo, or Embroider your text’ without adding any ‘Embroidery Setup Charge’.


Embroidery Your Logo

l  Select a position you want it to go

l  Upload a copy of your artwork via Personalise ===> Embroider Your Logo ===> Upload fil. Alternatively you can send it after completing your order.


Embroidery Your Text

l  Select a thread colour, position and enter the texts you desire, three lines maximum.

l  Height of letters is approximately 12mm.


Embroidered items cannot be returned for a refund or exchanged, so please make sure of your garment size and embroidery detail before ordering.

Allow 4-5 working days for delivery.

Any texts/logo up to 5,000 stitches will be charged at a fixed rate of £2. Every excessive 5,000 stitches will be charged at £2.