For TEXT embroidery, there's no set-up charge. You can embroider up to 3 lines of texts.

For every new LOGO embroidery , there is £15 one-off charge to set up (digitalise) the logo. Customers are required to add set-up fee and Embroider Your Logo separately. Any miss adding the set up charge will cause the order to be pending and thus delay the digitalising process.


1.      Firstly add ‘Embroidery Setup Charge’ to cart.

2.      Then add ‘Embroider Your Logo’ to cart. For example, you want to digitalise your company logo and need three jackets to be embroidered with this logo. Please fill in '3' in the 'Qty' box on Embroider your logo page.

For top-up orders, you don’t have to add ‘Embroidery Setup Charge’ to cart. Just follow the instructions on either ‘Embroider Your Logo’ or ‘Embroider Your Text’ page, as we have your logo on file already!

If you are not sure about how to order the embroidery service, please feel free to call us on 01904 479036 or email your enquiries to We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Embroider Your Logo

If you are ordering a new LOGO embroidery, please add 'Embroidery Setup Charge' before coming to ..


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How to order:If you are ordering a new TEXT embroidery, there's no set-up charge for it..


Embroidery Setup Charge [MUST ADD]

For every new LOGO embroidery, there is £15 one-off charge to set up or digitalise what you ..